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. >>> today president obama fired back at critics who say his proposed budget for 2012 does not do enough to reduce the deficit fmplts he said the spending plan would stop running up the charges on our national credit card. and it could pave the way to a bipartisan deal to cut entitlements, such as medicare. steve handelsman has the lacest. >> reporter: buffetted by a storm of criticism, president obama defended his new plan to cut the deficit. >> we're not going to be running up the credit card anymore. that's important. and that's hard to do. >> reporter: he admits he would use a scalpel, not a machete, to cut some discretionary programs. the spending in green, not the big wedge in yellow, entitlements, social security and especially medicare and medicaid, all headed deep into the red. the president's own deficit commission demanded entitlements be cut immediately. the "washington post" calls the obama approach a punt, essentially giving up. house speaker john boehner demanded entitlement cuts this year. >> republicans will not punt. everything's on the table. >> reporter: president oba
in the u.s. >> president obama had been briefed prior to the arrest late wednesday. >> he was informed that the arrest was coming. >> he is scheduled to make his first federal court appearance friday morning in lubbock. and faces a life sentence if convicted of attempting to use a web of mass destruction. chris clackum, nbc news. >>> police right now are searching for the driver who hit a man in southeast washington, then took off. it happened in the 2600 block of bowen road around 10:00 last night. the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police haven't released a description of the vehicle involved. >>> maryland's state senate is expected to vote shortly on whether to legalize same-sex marriage. the senate advanced the legislation yesterday after several hours of debate. right now, lawmakers are on a break. the senate plans to reconvene at 5:30 tonight to take up this issue again. if the bill passes today, it would then be up to the house of delegates to decide whether to send the bill to governor o'malley. he has said he would sign the legislation into law if it r
. >> thanks, veronica. >>> a tough balancing act today, as president obama sends his budget for the next congress. mr. obama is pledging to cut more than $1 trillion from the deficit over the next ten years. but his budget also calls for increases to projects he says are important to the nation's future. some republicans say it's not enough. brian mooar reports. >> reporter: 200-some pages, $3.7 trillion. this is president obama's 2012 spending plan. >> you guys are doing great work. keep it up. i'm proud of you. >> reporter: and at a middle school in baltimore, he fired the first shot in the battle over budget cuts. >> we can't sacrifice our future in the process. even as we cut out things that we can afford to do without, we have a responsibility to invest in those areas that will have the biggest impact in our future. >> reporter: he wants to invest in education and other areas, like research. building nuclear power plants, encouraging electric cars. republicans say america just can't afford it. >> it's a plan that says fulfilling the president's vision of a future of trains and windm
spending bill. president obama is agreeing to $4 billion in spending cuts in that stopgap bill. but compromise with republicans. >> everybody should be prepared to give up something in order to solve our budget challenges. >> he was speaking to state governors drowning in red ink. a budget crisis symbolized by the showdown in wisconsin. protesters still at the state capitol. wisconsin public employees unions now say they're willing to negotiate pay cuts. wisconsin's republican governor is refusing, saying he wants to force unions to take cuts, and to give up their bargaining rights to cut costs and, scott walker says, to make history. >> i know that collective bargaining has a cost, and when i'm cutting more than $1 billion from aid to local governments in this next two-year budget, i need to do what no other governor has done across the country. >> reporter: the president opposes walker's move. >> i don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights are infringed upon. >> reporter: but mr. obama is offering a compromise on ano
and the economy were on the menu at the white house today when president obama hosted a lunch for house speaker john boehner and other republican leaders. kristen dahlgren has our story. >> reporter: the three top republican leaders in the house, after breaking bread with the president, trying to find common ground on fixing the economy. >> we talked about the need to cut spending. and we did talk to the president about the fact that we are moving forward tomorrow. >> reporter: the gop spending proposal slashes over $30 billion. calling for the end of more than 60 government programs. and reducing funding to others like the environmental protection agency, food safety inspection, government assisted nutrition for low income pregnant women and children, and even amtrak. setting the stage for a collision course in the house. >> let's not go after programs that are essential to america. >> reporter: elsewhere on the hill, it was a brutally honest ben bernanke, the federal reserve chairman warning the unemployment rate is likely to remain high for years. while cautioning -- >> congress is going to
in tahrir square . half a world away, president obama in michigan for a speech on the economy was also watching egypt. >> we want all egyptians to know america will continue to do everything that we can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy in egypt. >> reporter: on cappel to explains what's at stake. >> if it happens wrong, it could create some serious problems for us and the rest of the world. >> reporter: egypt is a key arab ally with the suez canal, and vulnerable piece of israel. while the government has welcomed freedom there, there are also fears about what could come next. >> what is critical as we see this unfolding dynamic is that we remain consistent in our principles and the values and interests if we bring forward while remaining nimble to adapt in circumstances. >> reporter: america and the world now watching how the revolution will ultimately play out. >> even as the situation continues to unfold in egypt on capitol hill today, there was talk about whether we could see even more of this and other countries in the middle east. they are watching the ent
in cairo's main square. richard engel has the latest. >> reporter: many egyptians believe the obama administration is trying to ease off pressuring egypt and not talking about a rapid regime change but a much more gradual process of transition. the obama administration is refusing to endorse the protesters' demands that president mubarak immediately step down. instead, he would take more of a caretaker role and not be exiled from the country. >> we have the beginnings of a process that is taking place. a process that we know has to include a series of steps that have to be taken, and a series of things that have to be negotiated with the broad section of the opposition parties. >> reporter: the situation on the streets, however, remains much more volatile. thousands of demonstrators are still camped out in downtown cairo. they want president mubarak to leave and say they don't trust the government's promises to carry out any kind of gradual reform. they say unless mubarak leaves, this process will not happen. the thousands do have the ability to lock down central cairo. although are
obama care, a major gop priority, debate got angry. >> the worst bill that's ever been passed in the history of the congress. >> what about the slave laws? what about the fugitive slave laws? how dare anyone suggest this is the worst bill when we give opportunity to all americans. >> reporter: could the fight over spending shut down government? like it did in the mid '90s? democrats say, yes it could. because senate democrats insist they will not agree to the deep spending cuts being voted by the republican-controlled house. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. >>> millions of egyptians marked their first week of freedom today with june lent celebrations. the parties began after friday prayers, exactly a week after hosni mubarak resigned and ended 30 years of oppression. in cairo, hundreds of thousands of people flooded tahrir square, many of them waving flags. the mood was joyful, but partners said they were also reminding military officials to keep their promise to enact democratic reforms. otherwise, they say the square will again be occupied with protesters. >>> ther
and president obama and defense secretary gates today said no thanks. >> we kirt an unnecessary and extravagant expense. >> reporter: the second engines made in indiana and ohio, john boehner country, the republican speaker backed the engine. the house today voted to kill its funding. saving $450 million this year. many freshmen republicans, a lot of them backed by the tea party, proved they will vote against their own leader to keep their promise to cut spending. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. >>> news4 at 4:00 is just getting started. when we come back, we'll tell but a lottery winner almost losing the entire jackpot even before he got the check. >> there is really a climate out there where they don't want to hear the truth and they always think it is not their kids. >> this teacher fires back after she is suspended for her blog criticizing her students and calling them lazy. >>> also ahead, we've got the winner of the best in show. and they're from our neck of the woods, too. >>> plus, makeover time. our second military wife gets a new wardrobe and a new hair cut. >>> a high scho
on youtube. it's the second anniversary of the obama stimulus plan. the debt's increased, unemployment still over 9%. the president says the stimulus worked. >> we're now growing again. we have seen 1.3 million jobs added in the private sector since i've been president. >> reporter: meanwhile, the clock is ticking. two weeks until government could shut down. to prevent that, democrats demanded boehner agree to short-term funding. >> a government shutdown would be a disaster for our nation and for our economy. >> and now he's resorting to threats to do just that, without any negotiations. >> reporter: but the speaker says no deal, unless senate democrats and president obama agree to republican spending cuts. it's a game of chicken that's sure to get more intense, right up to march 4th, when government funding runs out. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. >>> fairfax county students no longer have to pay 75 bucks to take advance placement exams. school superintendent jack dale announced the mandatory fees in a cost-saving measure last year. but it was challenged by virginia's attorney g
. is that why president obama was low key on the crisis? >> the fact the united states has been slow in reacting, the fact the president of the united states did not say anything when ted chance yesterday and the by a before is because libya is an oil producing country. >> reporter: now the white house is considering sanctions. >> to compel libya to cease this terrible violence. >> reporter: but the l.s.u. wait and not act alone. >> first we have to get international community together. >> reporter: as libya spirals deep entire chaos. job one for the obama administration is getting americans safely out of libya. then figuring out ways to try to keep libyans safe. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >>> state department officials say they have gotten permission to land a charter plane in triply if more evacuations become necessary. >>> more wet weather is on our horizon. >> reporter: now the forecast. this sunshine sure has been good. >> temperatures today, they got a chance to get into the 40s at least after a pretty cold start in many neighborhoods. up in frederick county, maryland. temperatures dippe
. >>> let's work together. that was president obama's message today to business leaders as he visited the chamber of commerce. the president and corporate world have been at odds in the past. kristen dahlgren is on capital hill with more on this effort to mend some fences and help build on the economic recovery. >> reporter: for president obama, the short walk from the white house to the chamber of commerce may have felt more like a trip behind enemy lines. >> maybe if we -- if we had brought over a fruit cake when i first moved in, we would have gotten off to a better start. >> reporter: so today, he offered an olive branch, reaching out to improve relations with the corporate world, seeking common ground. >> as a government, we will help lay the foundation for you to grow and innovate. but z but to a mostly silent crowd of business leaders, he also defended government regulation and its controversial health care law, asking companies what they can do for their country, a push to hire more american workers. >> today american companies have nearly $2 trillion sitting on their balance
that will continue throughout the night. richard engel, nbc news, cairo. >>> president obama and his administration have walked a very fine line for the past 18 days. hosni mubarak has been a key u.s. ally in the most volatile region of the world. a few moments ago the president had this to say. >> the people in egypt have spoken, their voice haves been heard and egypt will never be the same. by stepping down, president mubarak responded to the egyptian people's hunger for change. this is not the end of egypt's transition. it's the beginning. >> vice president joe biden also talked about egypt today. he called today a pivotal moment, not only in the meeflt but in history. >>> coming up at 5:00, we'll have reaction from local egyptians who watched as history was made today, plus analysis from nbc news. >>> 60 years in prison, nearly ten years after chandra levy's body was found in rock creek park, the man convicted of killing the intern received his sentence today. ingmar guandique after getting 60 years will be eligible for parole in about 50 years. prosecutors wanted life in prison without parole.
finally got out of libya on a ferry arriving tonight in the nation of malta. freeing president obama to put more pressure on gadhafi. he called u.s. allies, french president sarkozy, who said the dictator has to leave. [ speaking in french ] >> reporter: u.k. prime minister cameron sent gadhafi what he called a warning about war crimes. >> the world is watching you. and the world will hold you to account. >> reporter: gadhafi's assets could be frozen, he could be banned from travel, and put on trial for killing peaceful protesters. those are some of the options under discussion now at the u.n., and being weighed by president obama. as an arab dictator tries to hang on. there will be american sanctions, multination sanctions joined by the u.s. and the possibility of u.n. action. a three-way push against gadhafi. and still a possibility of military action, like setting up a no-fly zone. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >>> the earthquake damage in new zealand is massive. and the death toll continues to climb. but today, a rare bright spot. one woman who was rescued from a collapsed buildin
. >> thanks, aash. >>> president obama spoke at the national prayer breakfast this morning. his remarks were followed by remarks from astronaut mark kelly, husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. he said giffords is improving every day, and doctors have told him that's a very good sign. kelly noted that president abraham lincoln believed in fate. and he said there was a larger plan. kelly said he told his wife recently that perhaps the deadly shootings in tucson were part of the same plan. >> that this event, horrible and tragic, was not merely random. that maybe something good can come from all this. maybe it's our responsibility, maybe it's your responsibility, to see that something does. >>> the national prayer breakfast takes place on the first thursday of february every year. the first breakfast took place back in 1953. >>> football owner dan snyder is suing a local paper over a column it published. >> snyder says the november article in the "washington city" paper defamed him and had anti semetic messages. it was called the cranky redskins guide to dan snyder and had an altered ph
workers, about taking away their rights. >> reporter: in ohio today, president obama saw the new republican governor, john kasich, who is pushing to lower what this state pays public employees. ohio workers are protesting. democrats, mostly oppose forcing cuts on public employees. >> what the president thinks is we should simply work collaboratively. >> reporter: so far there's just conflict. the states on the front line. the conflict is echoed up here on capitol hill, where the disagreement over how deeply and how quickly to cut spending could result in a shutdown of the federal government a week from friday. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. >>> a debate over a gay marriage bill in maryland is expected to begin tomorrow. the state senate president predicts the debate will last all day tomorrow and a full vote might come next tuesday. the bill was approved by committee last week, and has the likely support of 24 senators. the minimum needed for passage. if it's approved, maryland would become the sixth state in the country to legalize gay marriage. >>> let's head out t
president obama and the first lady, wondering how this little girl could play so big. >> i think that she is the most talented student i have ever seen in my teaching career. and that's a very long period of time. >> reporter: she's home schooled, with plenty of time to pick up her cello and play. and when she's not doing that, she's busy acing high school classes and dreaming about what her next accomplishments will be. >> the sky's my limit. i could play on forever andever. >> reporter: todd johnson, the >> what a wonderful story. >>> who else made the grio's 100 history makers in the making? find out by logging onto our home page,, and searching black history. she's a wonder, isn't she? >> 10 years old. >>> coming up, a whole lot more ahead. we got off to an icy start this morning. there's another round of potential ice overnight. meteorologist veronica johnson's full forecast coming up. >>> plus, the national bedbug summit takes a bite out of washington. >>> be sure to follow news 4 online, just search nbc washington on facebook and twittnever in my lifetim
. >> reporter: also not on the list, president obama and first lady michelle. this is not a state wedding, so no president's. buckingham palace won't confirm who is on the guest list, but sources say members of the military, and people representing william's charities are invited to the social event of the year. and according to the invitation, there's a very strict guest code for men, either a uniform, morning coat, or in some cases even a leisure suit. keith mill e nbc news, buckingham palace. >> no fergie, but i heard kanye west made the list, though. which would be interesting. >> it would be interesting. >>> well, former tlc reality star john gosselin has got a new job, but it's not a job in front of a camera. >> the father of eight has been spotted lately on building tops. gosselin is now installing solar panels for a company called green point energy in pennsylvania. >> this isn't his first step at going green. on an episode of "john and kate plus 8" they got panels installed in their own house, and also replaced all of the light bulbs in their house with eco-friendly l.e.d. lights. >>
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